Plastic Surgery Myths

Various myths have surrounded the seemingly glamorous world of plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery is not like any other medical procedure performed on a patient. These highly trained surgeons perform remarkable surgical feats in things such as reconstructive face surgery, burn or a scar revision, breast augmentations and plastic surgery after weight loss. Nevertheless, let us look at the top misconceptions many have about plastic and cosmetic surgery.

  • Plastic surgery is about beauty and vanity

The cosmetic surgeries that tend to get most press attention are Botox, breast implants, and even facelifts giving plastic surgery that pretentious feeling it’s all about beauty. However, this is clearly not the case as many procedures encompass everything from the correction of birth defects to the reconstruction of the breast from post-cancer patients.  Additionally, they may perform corrections to injuries from accidents and burns.

Plastic surgeons go the next step and care about the overall results and function of the surgery; it is not limited to the aesthetics as it is assumed by most.

  • Plastic surgery is only for the rich and famous

Let us look at it more critically, if plastic surgeons only operated on the 1 percent considered as the rich and famous, it would not be a very thriving industry. Most of the patients that receive these incredible procedures are not rich and famous but are more likely your average income earners that just wants to restore their confidence, improve their life, and their overall appearance. In my area of Washington, DC everyone seems to be getting some type cosmetic surgery to boost their ego.

  • Plastic surgery is only for women

Over the years, women have been the common consumers of the service. However, men are turning to plastic surgery in increasing numbers. The less invasive procedures such as laser treatments, Botox or even the dermal fillers give men a natural youthful look, which have been famous cosmetic procedures in men. Men of all ages have aesthetic goals that they now realize are available to them with affordable options.

  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are all the same

Various plastic surgeons have ventured in this thriving industry; however, it is important to note that they do not have the same training. Many of the experienced doctor’s certified in other specialties such as family medicine or even gynecology have ventured into the plastic surgery industry. As a result, this has led to white coat confusion, as they are board certified, but in fact, they are not plastic surgeons. Basically, cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing one’s appearance while plastic surgery focuses on repairing defects and reconstruction techniques.

  • Plastic surgery will leave no scars and will last forever

Most likely your doctor has perfected the art of making the scars that you have look better, smaller and inconspicuous. However, no matter what plastic surgery procedure you receive there will be some scar formation. It’s the best surgeons that hide them well. Any good surgeon will recommend the best way to minimize the scarring and which treatments will make your scar unnoticeable after your surgery.

Plastic surgery has gotten a bad rap over the years.  This can mostly be blamed on bad television shows and movies that have portrayed this medical procedure as only for the vain and arrogant.