Easternshawnee.org is a site dedicated to the exchange of information on health and self-improvement.  Check in with us frequently and find out what we are up to. If you ever have a question go to our contact form and send it our way.

We do want to take with you a few things to get you started on your journey to a better life:

1 - Start a new hobby

There is nothing like being passionate about something. Especially if it's a good distraction from work.  If you are into sports and working out try something different for a change.  I took up CrossFit because I thought it would be a good change of pace for my regular gym routine.  Boy was I right, I have now been doing it for the past five years.

2 - Try a new sleeping routine

One of the best things to shake up your body is to change your sleeping habits.  Studies have shown that we all need 7 hours sleep minimum. The key to achieving this is getting to bed at the same time.  So think about it, if you must be up at 7 every day just to make it to work then you must be asleep by midnight.  To shake up your life for the next 30 days go to bed at 10 and get up at 5.  Stick to the routine and you will be amazed how different each day will be for you.

3 - Do something you fear

My favorite line is "Do what you fear and the fear will disappear."  We all have some kind of fear that holds us back. For some, it's bugs and others it's being in front of a crowd.  List your most dreadful fears that you have always wanted to conquer.  Now make it your mission to address it and find someone to do it with you. This is how we all grow and makes us better people.

4 - Read a book every week.

Some tell you to read a new book every day.  I don't have that much time. It would be nice but I'm no speed reader.  But a book a week is doable.  You should concentrate on a subject that relates to whatever you are hoping to improve.  I read a ton of books on business.  It keeps my mind on the subject all the time and the more I'm thinking about it the better and more enriched I become. One of my most favorite books from the past few months, a bit off the business subject, but is topical to humanity is David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.

5 - Time for a challenge

There is nothing like a little competition to liven up your life.  Get together with a friend and challenge each other to running a marathon, or losing the most weight in 30 days. It can even be a challenge to a coworker to achieve the most sales.  Whatever it may be we are all competitive by nature, so use it to your advantage to spice up your life.